• diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system in a remission stage;
  • backbone osteochondrosis;
  • cardiac neurosis;
  • neurocirculatory asthenia;
  • syndrome of chronic fatigue.


Name of the proceduresQty of proceduresQty of proceduresQty of procedures
Neurologist’s exam111
Neurologist’s control exam135
Dietologist’s exam112
Dentist’s exam111
Ginecologists consultation111
Neurology US exam *111
Chest X-ray *111
General blood analysis111
General urine analysis111
Biochemical blood tests (t. cholesterol)111
Physiotherapy ( massage, mineral wax, speleo-, hydro-, elektro-therapy) *214263
Pool and bath services **71421
Fitness **71421
Drinking of Qalaalti water *71421