• diabetes of easy and average grade, in a stage of;
  • alimentary and constitutional obesity without the decompensation of the blood circulation,;
  • urate diathesis;
  • gout;
  • metabolic syndrome;
  • hyperlipidemia.


Name of the proceduresQty of proceduresQty of proceduresQty of procedures
Therapeutist first exam111
Therapeutist control exam135
Dietologist’s consultation112
Dentist’s exam111
Gynecologist’s consultation111
Abdomen or thyroid US exam *111
Chest X-ray *111
General blood analysis111
General urine analysis111
Biochemical blood tests (ALT, AST, glucose, t-cholesterol, triglyceride) *111
Physiotherapy ( mineral wax, speleo-, hydro-, presso-, hydrocolon-, elektro-therapy) *214263
Pool and bath services **71421
Fitness **71421
Drinking of Qalaalti water *71421