About Qalaalti Hotel & Spa

Qalaati Hotel & Spa is a medical and recreational resort complex with new and unique architectural style and a format of rest, just 120 kilometers from Baku, in Shabran region. The complex is distinguished from other complexes in Azerbaijan with its unique thermal healing water, modernity and comfort and has 157 superior-class, 16 suites rooms and 3 Villa in various design styles. Rooms are equipped with plasma TVs, the central A/C, free internet access, satellite television and phone.

The complex features modern Medical-SPA center “CHIRAG” equipped with modern technology. The medical center offers various wellness and strengthening programs to improve health and life expectancy of guests. Due to its unique healing thermal water, the medical center is specialized mainly in urology treatment programs and offers the following prophylactic treatment programs with duration of 7, 14 and 21 days:
Therapy and gastroenterology
Urology and andrology
Gynecology (seasonal)
Endocrinology (seasonal)
Musculoskeletal (physiotherapy)

It is also possible for short-term-stay guests to benefit from medical check-up programs. The hotel also offers seasonal wellness programs.

There are several restaurants, bars, entertainment centers, pools and children play grounds on the territory of the complex.


Our Standard

1. Room service
In Qalaalti Hotel & Spa, you can order a meal to your room during 24 hours. Each room have "room service menu". Our restaurant is open for 24 hours under the supervision of highly qualified specialists that will satisfy the most demanding customer request. Also, you can use the minibar in rooms that filled with all kinds of drinks. Water and sweets in mini-bar are located in chilled and available for use in full compliance with the rules. Mini-bar and room service do not include the price of a room and are chargeable.
2. Housekeeping
Since we are an institution of medical direction with respect to the purity of our special relationship. In addition to the daily cleaning of rooms and common areas, regularly takıng all necessary measures to eliminate the insects that may cause the spread of infectious diseases. The hotel is surrounded by forest and wildlife, which carries a certain risk. The adopted safety measures will enable you to enjoy your leisure and the environment. These measures include disinfection, disinfestation and rodent control.
3. Fitness center
Our Fitness Center is equipped with a variety of fitness equipment to improve and protect the physical shape. Our fitness center instructor will provide you with advice on how to plan and manage this equipment. Fintes Hall consists of three main parts. The first part includes cardio equipment, second power boosters, and aerobics and pilates for the third. The equipment in all sections belongs to Technogym, the world's leading manufacturer in this field. It is well known, however, that the environment in which you live is of great importance when dealing with a job. Our fitness room is equipped with panoramic walls, which are brightly lit by the sunlight, passing the beauty of the surrounding forest. On the other hand, the blue waters of our indoor pool complement the scenery. It is possible to have a spiritual rest in our living room.
4. Spa salon
You can improve your physical form under the sensitive hands of Thailand's Spa Therapists, not only in a single fitness room, but also by the Thai massage called "Alma materia", specifically. Classic, sports, thai, stoun-massage - your choice depends on your desires and the advice of our experts. Stoun therapy, aromatherapy, thalassotherapy and solyarians will make your body perfect. The first positive results You will receive after the first procedure, after which you will feel the positive dynamics, and the whole course will give you a long-term and lasting effect. Visiting the spa center is not only health and beauty, but also an indispensable pleasure to care for you. An individual approach to the host, and choosing a personal program for everyone - all this will not make you indifferent!